Keeping England On Track

Cultivating the physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being of England

I had a dream, a vision of Christ standing in a field surrounded by water on all sides, tears in His eyes. "This used to be such a good place" He was crying. That field was England. This Society has been created to regenerate England and raise it to greater heights. This society is directed at England only, on the premise that every country should have its own distinct identity, its own distinct values and its own clearly defined and evaluated culture. In this regard we would anticipate and welcome there being a 'Society of Welsh Yews and Daffodils' and a 'Society of Scots Pines and Thistles' and something similar for the Island of Ireland, or indeed any other country. The essence of this society is that if a person understands and applies the principles that create health, happiness and prosperity in their life, then they will be healthy, happy and prosperous, irrespective of what government is in power, whether or not they are in Europe or what state the NHS is in. If a whole family understands and applies those principles, then that whole family will be healthy, happy and prosperous. If a whole town or city understands and applies those principles, then that whole town will be healthy, happy and prosperous. The object of this society is to make knowledge of the principles that govern our lives available to the whole nation (England), so that the whole nation can become healthy, happy and prosperous, irrespective of what government is in power, whether or not we are in Europe, or what state the NHS is in. Thus the country improves from its roots up and blossoms into something better for everyone - Brian Maurice Woodrow.


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Society of English Oaks and Roses to establish a culture in England that improves the quality of the population, the quality of their lives, and by those things enables them to ascend to the highest plane that they are able to when they die.

We assert that these things are the measure of the success or otherwise of any nation.


One Country-One Culture

NHS In Crisis

Government by the Wise

Culture is what determines a Country's destiny. Multiculturism erodes the definition and direction of any nation and sanctions an 'anything goes' mentality. A clearly defined and carefully tailored culture will carry a nation to its highest destiny. This requires hard pruning of what is and is not appropriate and acceptable. Cultural prejudice should be actively encouraged to ensure the destiny of England is as it should be. Be clear that race and culture are not synominous. A person from any race can adopt any culture, with the inherent consequences (good or bad) to themselves and the country that they live in.

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The biggest threat to this country is a pandemic* that the already overstretched resources of the NHS will not be able to cope with. The greatest service that anyone can do for England if they live in it is to take responsibility and care for their health and well-being. With application it is possible to avoid being ill in most cases. That leaves the NHS's resources unburdened and able to cope better with the unfortunate unavoidable illnesses and accidents.

* Written before the Covid-19 outbreak.

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England is rightly known as the 'Mother of Parliament', its parliamentary system is emulated throughout the world. Its democratic model however, leaves much to be desired and is open for anyone to become elected to sit in it irrespective of whether they are qualified to or not. There was much rancour recently but now less so, regarding the reformation of the House of Lords, probably subdued as nobody knows how to reform it. The House of Lords could be reformed such that England would be the mother of the highest form of governement: 'The Government of the Wise'. The Government of the Wise and the determination of who sits in it is a major objective of The Society of English Oaks and Roses.

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Christ the Lord : Our Best Defence Against Evil and Aliens

It is a confirmed truth that Christ is Lord over all spiritual and physical entities, including demons, aliens and other prophets. If everyone in the country proclaimed Jesus Christ as being Lord, and invoked His name in protection, then evil entities and aliens would not withstand. These things are real and this is the truth about them.

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Deciding Destiny

Spiritual Facts of Life and Death

Prosperity in or out of Europe

There is a direct link between the culture of any country and its destiny, just as there is a link between the culture of any individual and their destiny. With the individual, their destiny is defined by their everyday acts, thoughts and intentions. With a country, its destiny is more complicatedly defined by the cumulative acts, thoughts and intentions of all the individuals that make up that country. For this reason, a clearly defined culture will instigate a clearly defined destiny, depending upon what that culture consists of. In a multi-cultural society, the differing elements of each culture will direct the destiny of that society in differing directions, such that one cultural element will work against any other cultural element, and the country will end up going nowhere. By way of analogy, we in the UK have just been blessed, by the government digitalising the VAT system. Sadly, before they did this, they did not have the foresight to standardise the format of the VAT receipts we all have to process to comply with this development. VAT receipts come in all shapes and sizes, and the information on them can be both hard to find and hard to read, and sometimes include ridiculously long numbers to upload onto the system. This obscurity of information and diversity of format makes processing the VAT data unnecessarily long and laborious. Trying to keep the receipts in any sort of order is equally frustrating; they do not fit in files and folders of any uniformity, as a consequence the destiny of the VAT receipts in my business just get ignominiously stuffed into a cardboard box without any attempt to organise them, where they remain until the day I can very happily put them all through the shredder.

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How do you determine the success of failure of a country? Is it measured by the standard of living of its occupants or by their quality of life? More importantly, what happens to them when they die? These days it is common to live up to 100 years, but aren't we dead much, much longer? If there is life after death, and it is clear that for some people there is, then isn't that much longer existance more important than the fleeting, transient one that we experience here and now? We in this society, know that some people reincarnate, we also know that some people do not. Some people leave this life and go off to high spiritual realms to enjoy a glorious afterlife, and some people linger in their life's domains or some gloomy netherworld doing nothing and going nowhere. Nothing has more bearing on which person does what than the culture that they followed and participated in during the course of their lives. For this reason this society is against multiculturalism and an anything goes society, we endeavour to carefully prune our culture such that the greatest number of people of this country will enjoy the best possible life after death. That would be how we would measure the success or failure of England

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Prosperity is like water in a hosepipe, ready to nurture and nourish us in the garden of life. The problem is, most of us keep our thumbs firmly over the end of the hose and stop the water flowing through. When you know how to take away your thumb and allow the water to flow, then prosperity will manifest in your lives and the lives of those around you. What is prosperity? The Society of English Oaks and Roses makes a distinction between wealth and prosperity: wealth is the satisfying of greed; prosperity is the fulfilling of need. What is it that people really want- a higher standard of living or a better quality of life? Prosperity means having enough of everything that you need with some left to spare and share; it is not necessarily measured in pound coins but can also be manifested in goods and chattels. Prosperity will manifest to those who court it properly irrespective of what government is in power, whether or not the country is in recession or whether we are in or out of Europe.

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The Society of English Oaks and Roses is being established as an institution whereby its members can study and apply the principles of health, success and prosperity and thereby add to the health. success and prosperity of the country of England. Our focus is on the character and culture of English people and on improving the quality of life in England. Anyone residing in England may apply to join.


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