National Destiny

What decides the destiny of any Nation? What defines the success or failure of any Nation? How does our culture affect these things?

What is the condition of any Nation other than the cumulative condition of the people that populate it? What then is the destiny of any Nation other than the cumulative destiny of those people? What decides the destiny of any person living in a Nation that will add to or detract from the cumulative destiny of that Nation? By understanding what creates destiny, what constitutes the greatest good, and utilising that understanding to tailor a culture that will invoke the highest destiny and fulfil the greatest good for the Nation we can attain the highest destiny for the Country and achieve that greatest good

It is the purpose of The Society of English Oaks and Roses to cultivate in its members a comprehension and application of what determines destiny and what constitutes the greatest good. By that education it is expected to prune and nurture the culture of England to achieve the best results for this country. For example, by evaluating, teaching and making available all of the elements that cultivate and maintain good health, the English people will be healthier and there will be less strain on the NHS. By evaluating, teaching and making available all of the elements that cultivate and maintain prosperity the English people will be prosperous. By eliminating from our culture those things that are contrary to the cultivation of good health, or have an adverse influence on our prosperity, we also do good for the Country. In the same way, when we comprehend what is the greatest good for the people of this country and how to accomplish it, our culture can be modified to fulfill that greatest good.

That there are principles that govern health is readily apparant: if we eat the wrong food our bodies may be undernourished or adversley affected; if we breath bad air or drink contaminated water we will suffer accordingly; if we do not adopt good practices of hygiene we risk being under attack from pathogens. We today are constantly bombarded by new findings and new ideas about what is and what is not good for the health: what was said to be good yesterday is found to be bad today, and vice versa. Worse, we are victims of commercial interest of drug companies and alternative remedy creators who wish to put their profits before our health. By evaluating and promolgating the truth of everything that affects the health and ensuring that it is economically available for everyone to benefit from this Society endeavours to improve the health of the Nation.

Just as there are principles that govern health, so there are principles that govern prosperity and destiny, by knowing and understanding these we can apply them and be in control of our futures. These principles are just as impersonal as the principles that govern health and well being, and can be applied by anyone. Most people are aware of the concept of karma, but how many people are clear on the causes that create the effects of karma? This society endeavours to make clear what causes create what effects, and thus influence the culture of this Country such that only the best effects are caused by it. To reiterate what has been said before, the karma of any nation is nothing more or nothing less than the cumulative karma of the individuals that constitute that nation, by creating a culture of good causes in the lives of those individuals that make up the nation, the karma of the nation benefits.


Clearly we are advocating unity of culture and religion, but it is not unity for unity's sake, rather it is a unity of everyone doing what is right and most beneficial. The Pope, for example, is looking to create a unified world religion, but it is a religion of false precepts and principles that will bring disaster on anyone who follows it. We are looking to create the opposite. For this reason, we would like to see all religions in England, muslims, hindus, buddhists and catholics, converted to Christianity.

The Society of English Oaks and Roses is being established as an institution whereby its members can study and apply the principles of health, success and prosperity and thereby add to the health. success and prosperity of the country of England. Our focus is on the character and culture of English people and on improving the quality of life in England. Anyone residing in England may apply to join.

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