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When this society refers to prosperity it does not refer to the accumulation of wealth or the attainment of a high standard of living; rather we prefer to focus on sufficiency and a high quality of life. Wealth and prosperity are often used in conjunction with each other, but they are not synomynous. Nor is having a high standard of living the same as having a high quality of life.

There are forces and intelligences outside of ourselves that determine whether or not we enjoy prosperity or otherwise; if we engage correctly with these forces and intelligences then we shall enjoy prosperity, if we do not engage correctly with these forces and intelligences, then we shall not. This will happen irrespective of what government is in power, though it may affect what government is in power, this will happen irrespective of whether or not England is part of the EU. The forces and intelligences that determine our degree of prosperity can be identified as being: Cosmic Law; The Cosmic itself: and God. The keys to engaging with them favourably are GRATITUDE and GIVING

Cosmic Law is an impersonal, automatic function of life (and death), made up of immutable cosmic laws and principles that respond to and affect our affairs. These are the workings of Karma and Destiny. As we think, do and say, these laws respond with an effect to the causes we instigate. They are as impersonal and automatic as the laws of physics. Take gravity for example:if you are unlucky enough to fall off of a cliff, then the law of gravity will take you to the ground below; it does not matter to gravity who you are or why you fell off the cliff, gravity will work just the same in all cases. Cosmic Law works likewise. God however, is personal and unlike Cosmic Law, responds to supplication. God has the capacity to modify and alleviate (or aggravate) the workings of Cosmic Law. As in the previous example, should you be unlucky enough to fall off of a cliff, but you cried out to God to save you, God has the capacity to ameliate the effects of gravity on your predicament. This does not necessarily mean the gravity would no longer have any effect on you and you would float, though this is possible, more likely would be the distance of the fall to be reduced (by the wind blowing you against the cliff) or there being a softer landing. God can modify the effects of Cosmic Law similarly.

The Cosmic itself also has intelligence, or rather intelligences. These can also be petitioned on a personal basis. The Cosmic itself is the cumulative intelligences of discarnate and incarnate beings (not only human) functioning on a higher (cosmic) plane. The Cosmic itself cannot modify Cosmic Law, but it can engage God to do it on our behalf. Cosmic Law and these Cosmic Intelligences are often thrown together and loosely termed 'The Cosmic' by some schools of thought. Sometimes 'The Cosmic' is mistakenly used in place of God, but God and 'The Cosmic' are distinct and separate. When we need something attended to in life, we have the option to pray to God for it, we also have the option to petition the Cosmic for it. This may appear divisive and confusing, but we can consider it like this: If you want something from God, you can kneel by your bed and pray for it; you can also go to a church and ask its members to pray for you. The prayers of the Church can be expected to be more effective than the prayers we say by ourselves next to our beds. The reason for this is twofold: the first is that God is more present in a group of worshippers than when we are alone, the second is that prayers for someone else are more effective than those we pray for ourselves. When we petition the unseen Cosmic for something, we are in reality going to a celestial church and asking the congregation there to solicit something from God on our behalf. So, the workings of Cosmic Law can be modified both by petitioning God, or by petitioning God through the Cosmic.

These three agencies: Cosmic Law, The Cosmic and God, all work with our (communal) best interests at heart. Communal because these three agencies are essentially altruistic and work in favor of the greater good rather than for the benefit of any individual.

Any country has a limited amount of financial resources, such that the more one person has the less there is available for anyone else. By pursuing wealth for the sake of being wealthy, others would be deprived. This is contrary to the benevolant and altruistic nature of God and the Cosmic. God and the Cosmic do however, have a duty of care to provide for us all in accordance with their benevolant natures. Prosperity is the manifestation of that provision which we can either tap into or isolate ourselves from of our own volition. Prosperity can be likened to water flowing through a hose; if we open up the tap it flows freely, if we keep our finger over the end of the hose it will remain blocked and stop working. In order to initiate and maintain the flow of prosperity from God and the Cosmic, we need only to acknowledge and emulate the benevolance of those agencies. Giving thanks acknowledges, sharing and giving what we have emulates. These are the things that allow prosperity to manifest in our lives. The opposite also applies: ingratitude shuts off the flow, and taking from or depriving others attracts loss to ourselves. If you are thief and steal for a living, then your acts of taking what someone else needs will cause loss to yourself, if your accumulation of great wealth and your resolve to keep it all to yourself is depriving others of something they should have, then you are attracting want and deprivation to yourself. This may not be immediately apparant, but it will be ascribed to your future destiny at some time. I have to point out, that if a thief steals from a wealthy person with more than they need, then the consequences to themselves are not nearly as bad from a karmic point of view, than if they stole from someone who was poor and needy. This does not take into account the fact that they might get caught and punished. By applying the principles of prosperity however, there would no longer be any need for them to steal. This is not political ideology related to socialism or communism, it is the nature of God and the workings of Cosmic Law.

The principles of prosperity can be demonstrated by conducting a simple and effective experiment. This experiment is not of our devising but one that has been presented through another organisation*. It is designed to initiate the keys of gratitude and giving and observe the response. It can be done on and individual basis or as a family or other group


  • Place a bowl, jar or other receptacle in a set aside place where it will not be disturbed.
  • Every day, place some money in the receptacle, a useful but affordable .
  • Visualize the golden rays of prosperity flowing through you and into the lives of others.
  • Thank God, or thank the Cosmic, for the manifestation of prosperity in your life and through your life into the lives of others.
  • Do this every day for a period of six weeks. Do not use the money you have put in the recepticle for any reason.
  • After doing this every day for six weeks, take the money and give it to someone who needs it, but make sure that you give it in such a way that they don't know who gave it to them, or that anyone else does.

People doing this experiment noticed an improvement in their affairs as a consequence; this was not necessarily them having more money. Prosperity can mean having more money, it can also mean having cheaper goods. For some people, the opportunity to earn more money, better job prospects or an improvement in business was the result. For others, the affordable availability of things that they need or even gifts of them was the consequence. Have you ever found a twenty pound note laying in the street? That ordinarily would be a rare occurance. Since I personally did this experiment I have found separate twenty pound notes or two ten pound notes together laying in the street on over 12 occasions. That won't happen to everyone, but what does happen when you open the gates to prosperity in this way, is that the things that you need will be made available to you. As stated previously, if everyone in your family does this , then everyone in your family will experience prosperity, if everyone in your street does this, then everyone in your street will experience prosperity. If everyone in your town, city or country does it , the town, city or country will experience prosperity. This is the prime cause. Whether we are in or out of Europe, or have a Labour or Conservative government is of secondary importance and academic.

What is important about the manifestation of prosperity in this way, is that it is potentially available to everyone; one person experiencing it does not preclude anyone else from enjoying the same benefit. This is significantly different from the pursuit and attainement of wealth, which by its very nature the attainment of precludes others from having it, unless the wealth created is used to help and assist others.


This webpage raises the subject of God. Some people find the assertion of the existance of God irrational and beyond reason. However, the concepts of religion and the precepts of science are converging rather than diverging. The scientific support for the existance of God are outlined in the E book 'A Good Job He Varied The Tone' by the author of this website: (Brian Maurice Woodrow). This book is available to download free through the button below .

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