The purpose of The Society of English Oaks and Roses is to create a culture for England that is best for England and the people of England. If the members of this country know and do what is best for them, then the country will flourish and be successful on all levels. This is improvement to the nation's affairs at a grass roots level; in our philosphy the Prime Minister and the Government are the least important entities in the nation's affairs and the general population the most important; having the greatest influence on what happens to it.

That being so, Governments and their policies do affect people's lives and the state of the Nation, but they can be thought of as being a secondary effect of the primary causes initiated by the general population .

If you have a population of people who are wise. as is the intention of this society to create, then a government can be raised up from that population that will govern wisely. This is not the 'New Order' that the freemasonic influences of America and other nations are gleefully rubbing their hands in expectation of, but a truly wise government whose members will serve purely for the spiritual benefits to themselves in sacrifice of the material benefits other regimes live in expectation of. The Government of the Wise then is not the one-world government that some foolishly uphold as being desirable: but a pattern of government that all nations can reproduce and emulate. The current corona virus pandemic highlights the folly of having all nation's eggs in one basket by being under the control of one government. What happens if all members of that government get sick and die? The world would bocome ungoverned and anarchy would ensue. The same would apply if this government was taken out by some hostile force or agency. How much more intelligent then to have the world broken down into smaller and more plentiful countries; each with its own localised government. If one of these govenments should fall for any reason there would still be plenty of governing resources managing remaining countries and able to step in to assist if necessary.

The Society of English Oaks and Roses is being established as an institution whereby its members can study and apply the principles of health, success and prosperity and thereby add to the health. success and prosperity of the country of England. Our focus is on the character and culture of English people and on improving the quality of life in England. Anyone residing in England may apply to join.

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