NHS in Crisis, Corana virus pandemic,



If the NHS is in crisis now, how will it be if the country was struck by some pandemic?

(This Webpage was written prior to the emergence of Covid-19)

There are two possible ways to deal with the crisis in the NHS. The Government's promise to build more hospitals and maintain a larger nursing workforce is one way. Spending more money and providing more resources alleviates the problems as long as there is more money and more resources to spend and provide. There is also the solution of there being less patients and people in need of care to utilise the existing funds and resources such that the existing resources can by made to go further with less drain on them.

For example, one of the most common surgical procedures is gall bladder removal on account of gallstones. Some 75,000 of these are performed in the uk every year. Yet anyone can remove their own gall stones by drinking applejuice three times a day for a week and then taking epsom salts followed by a glass of lemon juice and olive oil. The messy motion that follows a day after will contain all of the offending gallstones. I know this because I did it myself. If eveyone who had gallstones did this that would be 75,000 procedures a year less that the NHS had to do.

This is however a rather unique example; most other procedures and conditions do not lend themselves so easily to self healing. There are effectual home remedies available for some conditions such as arthritis and numerous minor complaints, but mainly it is important to take anything of concern to a doctor for attention. This being so, the intelligent way to take the strain off of the NHS is for people to prevent themselves from developing any condition of concern in the first place. That there are principles that govern health is readily apparant: if we eat the wrong food our bodies may be undernourished or adversley affected; if we breath bad air or drink contaminated water we will suffer accordingly; if we do not adopt good practices of hygiene we risk being under attack from pathogens. We today are constantly bombarded by new findings and new ideas about what is and what is not good for the health: what was said to be good yesterday is found to be bad today, and vice versa. Worse, we are victims of commercial interest of drug companies and alternative remedy creators who wish to put their profits before our health. By evaluating and promolgating the truth of everything that affects the health and ensuring that it is economically available for everyone to benefit from this Society endeavours to improve the health of the Nation.

If there was a war, there would be national service and voluntary reserves to bolster the armed forces of this country. There is in reality a war in this country and threat of war, it is a war against sickness and disease. To fight that war there could be a national service and voluntary reserves to support the NHS and its hospitals. There could be a focus on health and health care in the education system so more people were availabe to back up the medical professions should over demand through disaster or pandemic over stretch them even more. Health care and health care training would be a very positive thing to include in the cultural make up of this or any other country.

The Society of English Oaks and Roses is being established as an institution whereby its members can study and apply the principles of health, success and prosperity and thereby add to the health. success and prosperity of the country of England. Our focus is on the character and culture of English people and on improving the quality of life in England. Anyone residing in England may apply to join.

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